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    Reflowable Text but full page fixed images?


      Hi All,


      I'm new to the epub and InDesign scene.  I'm looking to make a series of educational epubs3. I would like to know how to have reflowable text but also include full page images at the start of each chapter.  These images would act as a description for the chapter but also would break up the text from this chapter to the next. 


      I'm using CC2014.


      I'm sure I am making it more difficult then it seems but any input would be most appreciated!!



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          Monica Singh Adobe Employee

          Hi EquipModel,

          As far i can understand the situation try keeping your image of same proportion as the document page size then go to Size option in the Object export option(InDesign CC2014.1 latest ). In the Object menu--> object export option-->Size--< Custom width and in the corresponding edit box set the value 100%, it will take the width of the entire page and height proportionally. Also there are insert  page break options in the same dialog box you can try as per your requirements. For convenience, purpose we have this option in the Object styles too.


          ~Monica Singh