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    Screen reader not recognizing nested buttons

      I have a pretty basic movie that I am trying to make accessible. There are two buttons in the main timeline plus a Movieclip that contains another button. To make the buttons on the main timeline accessible, I use the following Actionscript:

      this.button1_btn._accProps = new Object();
      this.button1_btn._accProps.name = "button 1";
      this.button3_btn._accProps = new Object();
      this.button3_btn._accProps.name = "button 3";

      And to assign reading order for them, I do this:

      this.button1_btn.tabIndex = 10;
      this.button3_btn.tabIndex = 30;

      To make the button within the movieclip accessible, I do this:

      this.buttonHolder_mc._accProps = new Object();
      this.buttonHolder_mc._accProps.name = "";
      this.buttonHolder_mc._accProps.forceSimple= false;
      this.buttonHolder_mc.button2_btn._accProps = new Object();
      this.buttonHolder_mc.button2_btn._accProps.name = "button 2";

      And assign reading order like this:

      this.buttonHolder_mc.tabIndex = 20;
      this.buttonHolder_mc.button2_btn.tabIndex = 21;

      Now, if I view this movie in a page with the screen reader turned off, I can tab through the buttons in the proper order and everything works the way it should. Once I turn on the screen reader, however, "button2" is completely ignored. The screen reader does not read its name when it reads the contents of the page, nor does it allow you to tab to it; it tabs directly from button1 to button3.

      How can I get a screen reader to recognize this button within a movieclip? I thought I did everything that was necessary.