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    Slow preview - 4k Display -CC 2014.1

    Jorge Jaramillo Hdz Level 1

      So in the 2014 version I could play in realtime the render parts of my timeline.


      Now in this 2014.1 version I can't get a realtime playback.


      I'm in a 4k display and may be that could be the problem, because when I change the display resolution to 1080p the playback is in realtime, but if I change it to the actual 4k resolution of my display I can't get realtime playback.


      The problem is that in the old version I could playback without problem.


      My composition is in 1080p


      My laptop info:


      Intel i7 2.4 GHz QuadCore

      16gb Ram

      GTX 860m Nvidia.



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          Same problem with Dell 4k monitor. If I reduce the window it plays back realtime?? Any luck finding a solution??

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            Tim Kurkoski Adobe Employee

            What is the resolution set to in the Composition panel? If you reduce this, do you get real-time playback during RAM preview?


            When you have the monitor set to 1080p mode, what resolution is the Composition using?

            What are the dimensions of your composition?

            What are the specs of your computer? Include the operating system version.

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              MrCharlue Level 1

              Hey Tim, thanks for the response.


              I have found a work around for the short term - turning off 'show cache indicators' on the timeline solves the problem. The only drawback is that I cannot see what has been written to RAM/Disk.


              I am working with multiple compositions, the main being 1280x720. All compositions have the same problem no matter how small and simple. Even a simple text animation on a composition of 128x32 pixels.


              Workstation spec:


              Dell UltraSharp 32 Monitor UP3214Q @3840x2160

              Dell Precision T3610
              Intel Xeon E5-1650 v2 (Six core HT, 3.5 GHz Turbo)

              32GB 1866Mhz DDR3 ECC
              512 SSD Main Drive

              2x 1TB 7,200

              3 GB NVIDIA Quadro K4000

              Win7 Pro 64bit


              AE Prefs:


              Media/Disk Cache writing to 2nd drives

              4GB Ram reserved for other apps - AE 27.9GB

              Multiprocessing on:
              CPUs for other apps 2

              RAM allocation per CPU 3GB

              Actual CPUs used is 8

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                Tim Kurkoski Adobe Employee



                Thanks for the info about the cache indicators. We'll investigate.


                I am still interested to know if changing the resolution of the monitor affects the problem in your case, as it did for Jorge.

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                  MrCharlue Level 1

                  Yes, playback is fine @1080p


                  Also, running at 4k and reducing the timeline panel only to half the screen width also cures the problem.


                  It would appear to me that the timeline with high resolution is the issue. The compositions of any size appear to make no difference in either case.


                  The best workaround for the time being is turning off the Cache Indicators. RAM previews write in very quickly on my current projects so it isn't too much of an issue.

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                    I hope your investigation is going well, because I have the same problem, with the same solution as MrCharlue, 4K monitor, when timeline window is big makes preview at 25 fps all but impossible, removing "show cache indicators" makes the problem better, but doesn't solve it completely. We have the same problem on two completely different systems in the studio (same 4K monitor though) Size of the composition doesn't appear to matter at all. Being a problem from 2014 I must assume somebody would know something, CC2018 suffers from this too.