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    Lightroom Mobile Sync Issue - Some images not syncing to LR5 collection.

    DanCarr Level 1

      I use LR Mobile to sync my iPhone photos to my Mac.  It's worked brilliantly for months but recently it's caused an issue that I don't know how to get around.


      When viewing my iPhone photo collection on the mobile app or the web interface I can see all the images.  The problem is that for some reason, not all of them are syncing to my computer and into my LR5 collection.  There's a clear discrepancy of about 100 photos between the number of images in the collection when you look at the number in the LR5 collection and the LR mobile collection.


      How can this be?  Surely the app should sync until the numbers are the same?


      I can't un-sync the collection in LR5 because this will remove the images from my mobile devices and at the moment this is the only place that they exist! 


      Not sure what to do......... Any suggestions?