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    cs5 missing plugin sharedcontent.rpln


      I'm our office's IT dept and I'm having an issue with one user's InDesign CS5. She is unable to open this file and gets the following message:



      Followed by:


      upgrade plugins.PNG

      Everything I find points to it being created or at least saved from CS5.5 or later, but she insists that is not the case. She created it herself and is the only one that has access to it, or even would ever open it. I've checked and others do have access to that folder, but only a few users and they do not have CS5 or any version of the Adobe Suite for that matter. I don't really care too much about the cause though it would be nice to know, but the main thing is we are trying to get this converted back to something she can open. I've installed a trial version of InDesign CC and I'm met with my own list of dependencies and fonts that I'm missing on my own computer. It's just a mess plain and simple.


      What can I do to get this resolved for her?