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    Cannot locate action in button menu which closes PDF document



      I don't have a lot of experience with InDesign so far, however I have managed to develop a simple document to be exported as an interactive PDF with buttons and hyperlinks. For ease of use for the user, I would like to be able to add a button on the final page (other than the forward/back buttons) to close the PDF document, and leave the browser on top and continue the e-learning modules.


      I have found a troubleshooting tip to create an action that uses a button on the final page to close the PDF (to return to the web browser), see below -


      "Select the button tool and create a button. Choose as an action Execute a Menu Item. Click Add, and choose File > Close."


      When I try to create a button using the button and forms menu, I only have the following Action options. Is there another way to create this button, I am using a Mac and INDD CS5.



      Go to destination

      Go to first

      Go to Last

      Go to Next

      Go to Previous

      Go to URL

      Go to Final

      Show/Hide buttons and Forms




      PDF Only:

      Clear form

      Go to next view

      Go to previous view

      Print Form

      Submit Form

      Open view

      View Form


      Many Thanks