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    How to change shape properties after having created one?


      Photoshop CC 2014 -- latest update as of October 06, 2014

      Windows 7


      How can I change a shapes properties after having created one.


      I have created a simple ellipse.

      When I drew the ellipse with the tool, I had the option for the fill color/style and stroke, etc.


      After I have created said ellipse, I wish to change its properties.


      I can use the Paint Bucket, gradient tool, etc for the fill, but is there way to get back to the original set of tools with which I created the ellipse in the first place?


      If I use Edit > Stroke... it adds a new stroke around the existing shape.

      If I use Edit > Fill... the entire layer is filled.


      There must surely be a way to reenter the tool set to edit an existing shape. No?