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    button overlapping & nested button issues

    ianloh123 Level 1

      Hi ppl


      First up, here's my tiny sample project that i'm having issues with.


      Issue #1: i plan to have an entire wall of the symbols that i created, so users can click on our mugshots to enlarge the image and see some contact details. Is there a way to always make the active(clicked) symbol appear on top of the rest? Right now it's locked in the default layer order in Edge.


      Issue #2: Each symbol has its own mailto button nested in it which toggles on/off when its parent symbol is clicked. It works, BUT I cannot find a way to click that mailto button without activating the parent symbol's click event too.


      Spaghetti code aside (i'm not a developer), i'd really appreciate any help with the above!

      (Man it seems like i've been working on this forever *hysterical laughter*)