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    Package design: InDesign vs. Illustrator in 2014


      Fellow creatives,


      I'd like to start a new discussion about InDesign vs. Illustrator in package design.

      The 2010 topic is a useful one still, but maybe either or both programmes now (in CC 2014) have abilities that can make this discussion more relevant for 2014.


      So here's my 2cts, please comment and debunk or support



      I use InDesign (& output to PDF) for my packaging, because (to me) InDesign seems to handle some important things more easily:


      - my packages have a lot of text in different languages (including Russian, Arabic etc)

      - I use a lot of pictures with transparency (PSD files)

      - logos and die-lines are still in .ai format, easily imported with low-res preview into InDesign, saving a lot of memory usage

      - my designs are printed in China by loads of different suppliers; this requires me to flatten my artwork to outlines (InDesign can do this without actually flattening the original artwork, thus saving time & disk space and keeping the file editable).


      For me, most pro-Illutrator reasons I could find hardly apply, because the same things can be done in InDesign these days.


      What do you think?

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          Willi Adelberger Most Valuable Participant

          I don't know your intention?

          Both programs have a package function.


          And when it comes to text, it should never be outlined. If the PDF has embedded fonts it should print fine, if not choose a different printer. You have enough choices.

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            heleenlangeweg Level 1

            I'm talking about retail packaging design, not the 'package' function (meaning: collecting links, types, etc. in a package) but creation of giftboxes for retail products. This was originally always done in Illustrator, unitl InDesign came along and I'm very much interested in the debate whether InDesign or Illustrator has the better options for this purpuse. Or, as you will, what other designer's preferences are.


            Furthermore, of course I know outlining fonts should be avoided. Unfortunately, experience shows this is the only way to make sure your artwork ends up the way you intended, when dealing with a big number of different Chinese printers. I wish I knew why! I've tried sending them PDFs with embedded fonts, but in most occasions, suppliers would get in touch, telling me to outline everything.