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    Flickering in the video after rendering!

    Asafina Level 1



      I've been using AE CC and just lately for some reason got this problem.

      After rendering, I get these random horizontal flickering in some frames (as in those old TVs), I attached some screenshots of the frames with flickers (look at the bottom of the images):


      Akassa 3.mp4_snapshot_00.30_[2014.10.07_16.07.24].jpg



      Akassa 3.mp4_snapshot_00.47_[2014.10.07_16.07.58].jpg

      Akassa 3 2.mp4_snapshot_00.36_[2014.10.07_16.17.31].jpg


      I tried re-installing after effects, and still the same. I tried rendering different formats and disabling multiprocessing, still the same.


      I'm worried as I have project delivery soon.

      I'm using PC.


      Thank you