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    Linked Images : Automatic Folder Creation for linked images?

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      Best Rgards


      Mac OSX 10.9.3

      InDesign CC (9.2.1)


      Presently: 120 page Blurb publishing with 190 images


      I have created a large number of INDD documents that I piece together from many sources,

      such as file folders, internet searches, external drives, emails...kind of grabbing things

      from all over the place. usually I publish this as a PDF for local and archival use. Sometimes

      using this also for newsletters and other ways to distribute documents as pdf and epub.


      I never really paid to much attention to LINKED FILES and where they might

      be located, as my intent was PDF and you can publish a very

      serviceable Pdf without verifying or correcting MISSING LINKS...


      NOW, I am working on a higher end 120 page Photo BOOK to have printed on paper.

      I did not organise my image assets into a folder, i should have first. Now as I go to

      upload to the publisher I find I have to many missing links to images. So I am going

      back through the whole project and organising the assets and re-linking...what a lot of work this is.


      I was wondering if InDesign supports automatic creation of assets folder?

      As you place images, with their links, the program creates a folder and puts a copy of the file there?

      I don't see anything about this subject.


      I am wondering why not? It would sure make the work flow speed up. Options for

      the format, size, pip etc. Does this exist in InDesign and if not

      wtf not?


      Sure would appreciate anyone's thoughts on this. It is to late now to save this

      relinking 190 images, but I realise I need to be better prepared with my assets in the

      future. I work on a number of publications, some spontaneously and others

      more carefully planned...some sort of auto process for asset-linked-folders

      seems a simple enough coding issue. It is 2014 already.


      ???....best rgards, Thanks for any input on this issue.


      WF Posey

      Pantelleria Italy