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    Indesign CS6 crashes and wont startup again after reboot - iMac




      I have a strange issue that has started in the last couple of weeks. If i restart or reboot my iMac my indesign will not open again. It tries to start to open ('loading image' appears and icon bounces in the dock) but always fails and gives an error afterwards each time (i will attach).


      What i have done so far is the usual deleting of preferences, replacing default file and rebooting the machine again but nothing works.

      The only thing that i can do to get it working again is to reinstall indesign from the disk (design & web premium). All other Creative Suite applications don't need reinstalling and work fine.


      Has anyone else had this issue and if so how did they fix it as its bit of a pain having to reinstall indesign after each reboot.