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    Is there a workaround for the thumbnail regeneration issue in CS5?




      A friend uses my old version of CS5 and she is stuck with ACR 6.7, because this is the last version available in CS5.


      She seems to have huge problems in Bridge with the thumbnail regeneration bug described here, for instance: Cropping to an edge confuses Adobe Bridge?


      Concretely, although she has a relatively powerful machine, she is unable to work because there are always tens and tens of thumbnails being generated and her eight virtual cores completely fill the disk bandwidth, making Bridge impossible to use. I am not 100% sure that it is exactly this bug, but everything seems to correspond perfectly well: hundreds of DNG files with lens correction activated and very many cropped manually.


      Now, this is a confirmed bug of ACR 6.7 until ACR 8.2. She cannot switch to the latter without purchasing a newer version of Photoshop/Bridge.


      Does Adobe provide any fix for this bug in CS5? Could someone kindly point me to it? Her version of Bridge is simply unusable as is....


      If the answer above is no, I would be interested to know if this seems legal (not to say ethical...) to anybody: she is (otherwise) pretty happy with CS5 and she would need to buy a new licence for the sole and exclusive reason that the product Adobe sold me has a known and proven bug which makes it virtually useless in her setting.





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          Yammer Level 4

          There are two similar bugs:

          The LPC+crop bug started with ACR 6.1 and was fixed in 8.2.

          The LPC mystery bug started with ACR 7.3 and was fixed in 8.6.

          Both bugs cause repeated thumbnail extractions in Bridge on some images with Lens Profile Corrections enabled.


          As you are on ACR 6.7 it can only be the first bug. The only workaround I know is to ensure that the crop does not touch the edge of the corrected image. A few pixels gap will do it. Also, it helps to keep less images in a folder--but this can't be avoided when using Collections or Finds.


          I'd imagine that Adobe won't fix CS5 just for this. Presumably there's something in the smallprint which admonishes them from responsibility after the shelf life of the product ends. To be fair, it's not like they fixed it straight away in CS6, unlike the Bridge CS5 database bug (thanks, Adobe). They were only able to reproduce the fault in summer 2013.

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            Paolo65 Level 1

            Thanks, Yammer.


            I do not think this is a usable workaround for her, but let me get it straight: you are saying that for an image with lens correction activated not to trigger thumbnail regeneration, it should be cropped and the crop region should not touch the edge of the complete, original image after lens correction (i.e., whatever is visible of it when not cropped). Approximately (if one does not consider rotations), this simply means that it must be cropped of any number of pixels on each of the four sides. Am I understanding right?


            What about uncropped but lens-corrected images? Are these somehow not a problem or the description above implicates that all lens corrected photos must be (even only minimally) cropped?


            Thanks in advance,



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              Yammer Level 4

              The bug only appears when an image has LPC enabled AND a crop has been applied AND the crop touches ANY edge of the image. So it won't apply IF LPC is not enabled OR no crop has been applied OR a crop doesn't touch the image edge.


              I went through a load of images moving the crop marks slightly away from the edges, and the regenerations stopped COMPLETELY.


              No crop, no problem. It only applies to cropped images (with LPC).


              Hope that clears it up.