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    Photoshop CC not seeing newly created scratch disks


      I have created 2 new scratch disk partitions for Photoshop CC and they do not show up as available in edit>performance>scratch disks. Interestingly, yesterday before updating to version 2014.2.0 I could at least

      "see" my backup hard drive connected with usb 3.0 and now no longer can. I have two physical hard drives in my PC and have them partitioned for various reasons. Yesterday I created a new partition on Drive 1

      for a stand alone scratch disk and created one on my external hard drive. Photoshop scratch disk cannot see them nor can I now see my external hard drive. I am a Photoshop newby, yes, however am a very

      experienced PC user. Any clues or am I asking Photoshop to do something that it cannot?