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    Edge update problems: to download previous version...

    Phildsb Level 1


      For those people who are having problems with the update to Edge Animate CC 2014.1 and have deadlines to meet (and I count myself among them!), earlier versions are still available from Adobe, so its possible to revert to your preferred version.


      Go to HTML animation | Download free Adobe Edge Animate CC trial and underneath where it says "In This Version" select the version you want from the pull-down menu. Then hit the big Download button to get it. We should thank Adobe for that!


      If Adobe sees the number of downloads of the earlier version, it will also be a useful metric of dissatisfied customers. Unfortunately, this should have been clearly labelled as more than a point update, then we'd have some warning that there could be a problem with files created in earlier versions. I'm sure this is a fine piece of software if you're starting from a blank sheet, but its been a bit of a hindrance for those of us with older projects to work on.