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    Ghost in the preloader

    jl2000 Level 1
      Hi -
      I'm trying to build a preloader into "master.fla" showing a simple animation (loaderani_mc) and the progress % count (loading_txt). This preloader is not for bringing in external content but for preloading stuff on subsequent frames of master.fla.

      I've been messing with so many variations I may have gotten lost ...but now I'm seeing double!

      Using the attached code I'm seeing 2 of the same preload animation with % text...even though there's only one mc on stage.

      If I comment out the lines about loaderani_mc and loading_txt - only the old graphic and % readout shows up on the screen.

      Even without any instances of the loader_ani on the stage, the old one shows up.

      If I comment out all of the code I see nothing... so there's a ghost in this code somewhere.

      There is other actionscript on other frames in the file but the only mention of loader_ani or stuff like "bytesLoaded" is in the code I've attached.

      What's worse is - the old preload animation isn't working right - it appears after about 35% has gone by. The new one will appear in 2 or 3%. So I have a real reason to replace the old with the new ... but I can't figure out where it is.

      Am I using this code correctly? Is there a mechanism in actionscript or Flash I can use to flush out this ghost?

      TIA some expert input.