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    "ibooks:specified-fonts" meta property not included in content.opf in 2014.1

    jkaiser77 Level 1

      After downloading the latest version of InDesign (2014.1 aka October 2014), my exported epubs were totally messed up in iBooks. The fonts, links colors, heading were all wrong - even though they exported perfectly in the version released in June 2014. After much searching, I finally found the culprit in the content.opf file. In the old version (June 2014), this line was included in the content.opf


      <meta property="ibooks:specified-fonts">true</meta>

      In the new version (Oct 2014) this line is nowhere to be found when I export.

      What's the deal here? Is this a feature or a bug? Is there some new box I need to check to include that line when I export the epub?