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    Images scrambled and error on PDF export since upgrade to 2014.1 / build

    sambojo Level 1

      I am using a mac and just upgraded to the 2014.1 / build.  I was working on a file and installed the upgrade (I know I shouldn't have done that while in the middle of a project.  Brain lapse), but as soon as I opened the file the images are scrambled when viewed on "high quality display".  If I view them on "typical display" they show up fine.  But now when I try to export as a PDF it throws an error and will not export.   The only solution I found was to reopen each image and save them out again as a new .psd, pdf files.  Then it seems to export properly.  If I try to import the previous files it says there is not an import filter for that file type.  Any ideas what could be causing this?