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    Can I remove JavaScript Editor pop-up window when running batch sequence for each PDF??


      Dear All


      I need to batch process a large number of PDFs (1000s) by collapsing all
      bookmarks within them, using Adobe Acrobat 9 Pro. There is no pre-installed batch sequence for this,  so I am using the following custom Javascript action/ sequence;


      function setParentBookmarks(bm, bOpen) {

      var i;

      // If the current bookmark has any children...
      if (bm.children !== null) {

      // Open/Close the current bookmark
      bm.open = bOpen;

      // Continue with all children of this bookmark
      for (i = 0; i < bm.children.length; i += 1) {

      setParentBookmarks(bm.children[i], bOpen);

      // Close all parent bookmarks
      setParentBookmarks(bookmarkRoot, false);


      Having run this JavaScript sequence, via batch processing in 9 Pro, it successfully collapses the PDF bookmarks. However is there any way to avoid having the 'JavaScript Editor' window pop-up every time prior to processing every single PDF?? and having to manually click 'OK' on this pop-up for it to process every single PDF??