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    AE CC 2014.1 error : internal verification failure (Unexpected match name searched for in group)




      First of all, forgive me for my basic english.

      I'm a creative cloud suscriber and recently update AE with CC2014.1.

      I worked for several months on a project, but since last update, on some composition, i have an error windows pop in who say :


      "After effects error: internal verification failure, sorry! {unexpected match name searched fo in group}

      (screenshot here -imgur: the simple image sharer )


      i have look everywhere but i can't get any info on this issue, and there is no support for after effect.


      I can't afford to loose all those hours of work, may some of you have some information / solution about that ?

      Help me Obi-Wan Kenobi. You're my only hope !


      Thank you for your time