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    Packaging an extension for Adobe Exchange?



      I developed a small extension for Photoshop CC, with a little help from the HTML 5 Extension guides scattered around the web.

      But there's one thing, that no guide covered in a way that helped me to get this to work.

      Packing it up as a ZXC, that will work after installing it with the extension manager.


      My extension currently works only when debugged (with debugging mode enabled in the registry).


      After disabling debugging mode & installing the extension from the ZXC package that I signed, the extension simply won't show in the Extensions menu within Photoshop.


      What I suspect to be causing this (please throw me a bone or two here) is the installation location (While uploading the package I was asked to specify a location for the extension to be installed, I don't know?)


      Some things you might want to know:

      • I developed this small extension using Eclipse
      • My 'CSXS' folder is inside of a folder named '.staged-extension' (I noticed it varies, and might be causing this?)
      • When debugging it all works just fine
      • One of the guides I went through is located here: Introducing HTML5 extensions | Adobe Developer Connection
        There was another page in Adobe's site, specifying the changes required to have the extension to work (It didn't work before then, but I already went through it.)


      Thank you so much for your time in advance

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          DBarranca Level 4


          the .staged-extension hidden folder should be where the "actual" CSXS/manifest.xml belongs.

          For the folder(s) where the extension has to be deployed please see this page.


          I can't know what's preventing your extension to load/install - I might suggest to read here for a packaging tutorial (it's a manual process, but it should work): http://www.davidebarranca.com/2014/05/html-panels-tips-10-packaging-zxp-installers/

          Hope this helps!




          Davide Barranca




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            MightyShrimp Level 1

            Hey Davide and thanks for your reply!

            I attempted going through your guide, but I'm still having the same issue.

            I'll try to describe what happens, step by step:

            1. Done developing & debugging the extension with debug mode on.
            2. Packing the extension with ZXPSignCmd (just like you instructed)
            3. Upload the ZXP package to Exchange, then It asks me for : 'install location' - I can't define it to the location you provided but I can choose from a list.
              Nothing really fits (Desktop, Downloads, Brushes etc'), so I went for Desktop just to see what happens.
            4. After the upload process is complete, I download the package and install it using Extension Manager CC.
            5. The ZXP package that I packed and uploaded to Exchange appears on my desktop.


            It looks like Adobe Exchange packs my ZXP packager in another one, resulting Extension Manager to extract the outer one, and putting mine in the install location provided during upload.


            I'm clueless.



            I just realized that for some reason Adobe Exchange only let me upload files that will later be packed into a ZXP package, instead of just using the one I made.

            Removing the whole product and starting over let me choose to upload my self packed one.


            I'll update whether or not this actually works though~


            2nd Edit:


            Probably was a step in the right direction, but it still won't work.