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    Scroll Effects to OAM file

    SergMal Level 1

      Hello everyone!

      I am trying to add Scroll Effects to OAM file (in Muse project).

      I did this:

      Export the OAM file from Adobe Animate.

      Launch Muse and double-click a page to open it in Design view. Ensure that the page is long enough to scroll by updating the minimum height settings in the Page Properties dialog box.

      Choose File > Place and browse to select the OAM file from the site folder.

      Open the Scroll Effects panel. Click the Adobe Edge Animate tab (fourth tab from the left) to review the settings for this section.

      While the OAM file is selected, enable the Edge Animate checkbox.

      Choose Autoplay 700px

      Preview page in browser and my OAM animation starts playing immediately. What is wrong? I want animation to star playing after user scroll down (700px for example), but now as soon as I load the page my animation starts playing!

      My Adobe Animate file has simple structure. Autoplay set to "yes". I have a stage and one element with animation (movement from one point to another in 2 seconds).