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    help with raid3 set up


      Hello I just built a new computer and after reading the tweakers page about hard drive set up I think a raid3 would be best suited for my editing style. I do a lot of multi cam with many very short cuts. My computer specs are


      i7 5930

      asus x99 deluxe

      32g ddr4 2666

      EVGA GeForce GTX 780 6GB SC

      crucial m550 512 operating system

      crucial m550 1tb adobe media cache

      wester digital 2tb 7200 media

      Cooler Master HAF 932


      I would like to set up a raid3 and was wondering if this is what I would need to do that http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16816151149


      I would like to do 5 of the western digital 2tb drives inside the case one being in the hot swap bay so I could change it out if needed. Also would it be in my best interest to do away with the 1tb hard drive if I do the raid?

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          cc_merchant Level 4

          1. These Western Digital Disks are not the 'Blacks' I hope, but the enterprise 24/7 version, RE or SE. WD Blacks do not work reliably in a parity raid because of the WDTLER implementation.

          2. The hot-swap bay has no use for hot-swapping, unless you want to rebuild the array with a new disk.

          3. This Areca card is the best one for sale at this moment. Excellent choice.

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            rotgg Level 1

            I only have one drive now and it is a black. At this point I can buy any drives that someone would recommend would be the best for this application. I am not stuck on any size or brand what I would like to do is create the best raid3 so I will have the best performance possible. I do understand that the hotswap bay would not come into play unless I have disc failure. But I dont have room to put 5 hard drives in the case with out using them.

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              cc_merchant Level 4

              Good conventional disks for a parity raid are:

              • HGST Ultrastar
              • Seagate Constellation ES
              • WD RE
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                ECBowen Most Valuable Participant

                CC_Merchant is correct. Don't use the desktop drives with a parity raid such as raid 3. Those enterprise class drives he lists are what you want to select from.



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                  rotgg Level 1

                  another question about the raid is from what i have read it will require a battery back up is this correct? and can i turn my computer on and off like i normally do it is usually off when i am not using it?

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                    Richard M Knight Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                    Rather than a battery backup for the raid card, I have a ups on the whole machine and the monitors. I turn mine off when not in use, using the power button on the ups, after, of course, shutting down the pc.