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    Robohelp 10 output line spacing for numbered lists is off

    Adobe Beth

      I wondered if you have had this situation occur with your output from Robohelp 10.


      I created my help system and CSS using Robohelp 10. My CSS contains a numbered list style and an alpha list style, both having line spacing of 3pt before and 3pt after. Looks great in Robohelp WYSIWYG, but the generated output (in IE and Chrome) looks bad. The numbered list line has way too much line spacing after (the next style is a non-numbered list style) and the alpha list has way too little line spacing.


      I tried playing around with changing the line spacing but it does not change the output!


      Thought I'd reach out to see if you have experienced this issue and the most expedient way to resolve.


      Here is an example of HTML tags in Robohelp:


      numbered list

      <?rh-list_start level="1" an="1" class="rl-p-1ListNumber" start="1" style="list-style: rh-list;

        list-style: rh-list;" ?><p class="1ListNumber">instruction text.</p><?rh-list_end ?>

      alpha list

      <?rh-list_start level="1" an="1" class="rl-p-Alpha" style="list-style: rh-list;

        list-style: rh-list;" ?><p class="Alpha">Instruction text.</p><?rh-list_end ?>


      thanks much