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    Making InDesign more like Illustrator

    cdpage905 Level 1

      I'm not the only designer that wished InDesign worked more like Illustrator. (I am sure the opposite is true too.)


      Are there any Plug-ins for ID that can make it function more like Ill?? (shortcut keys, Tools... etc.)


      There are many differences between both applications, yet they do the same thing most of the time. The programmers not want to work together??

      Imagine if undo, cut, copy paste were changed to different letters?  wouldn't that drive you NUTS?!


      Plug in 1.

      A shortcut tool, A lists of all the shortcut keys, and you can choose, Work like Illustrator/Photoshop/Indesign


      Plug in 2.

      Masking (Please this is the worst user experience on a computer going)

      I can begin to explain how annoying working with images in ID is, it's nothing like illustrator. a plugin to change this experience would be the best thing to happen to ID since it's inception.



      Adobe had a choice when they started ID, make it like Quark, or make it like an Adobe product. They leaned heavily on Quarks usability as that was the industry standard. Why Adobe hasn't made it their own yet, I still don't know.


      Can we please move forward and make this Suite work together better please?