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    2D Looping Shape Animation Help


      Hi I'm looking to animate an infinity type shape with a clean looping transition. Its a similar to a DNA strand twirl...


      I've attempted to figure out what the best route to take is but find myself completely stuck.. See below some extremely rough tests I've attempted to try figure out how I could possibly achieve the desired result. So far I don't think shape morphing will work but I reckon an object along path may be a potential. Has anybody any suggestions or any tutorials out there that may help? Cheers in advance!



      (Above: Static Symbol)


      (Above: Rough Shape Trace Attempt)


      (Above: Rough Object follows path)

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          bogiesan Level 4

          I don't understand what you're asking for, sorry. Your roughs are good places to start but they are different approaches and don't really give us a clue what you're actually trying to do. A "seamless loop" is not a transition altho you need to work on the transition between the beginning and ending frames of the loop. That's easy. The keyframes at the beginning and the end have the same values but the workspace is one frame shorter than the location in time of the end keyframe.