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    Tablet shitfs movemnet on flash

    rackhalfbreed Level 1

      I have a ugee M708 tablet and it works great with Photoshop but horrible with flash. When ever i just click on the screen with my pen it makes a whole line going downward. I can find a reason for this but I've noticed the i my courser goes to the farthest lower left part of my screen before I actually get to that part on my tablet

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          Sangeeta J Yelamali Employee Moderator



          The issue is resolved in the latest update of Flash Pro.Please update Flash professional to .Follow the instruction below for the same :


          Installation instructions


          1. Log out and log in to the CC desktop application. Update the application when prompted.
          2. You should see the list of new updates as soon as the new CC desktop application is launched.
          3. Install Flash Professional CC and Mobile Device Packaging app. On a high speed connection, it took me around 8 minutes.
          4. After the application is installed, you can launch the application directly from the desktop app by clicking on it.


          Also,make sure the wacom drivers are latest and you are using the tablet in PEN mode and not Mouse mode.


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            rackhalfbreed Level 1

            It worked yesterday when i tried it. I already had the update installed and all i really did was open flash from the creative cloud window. For some reason it worked and i was so excited to finaly get to use it but when i tried again this morning i was having the same issue. I tried repeating all the steps i did yesterday and uninstalled and reinstalled the tablet driver and flash itself but i still get the same thing. Apparently other people are still having the same problem even with the update. I'm not sure if its only the Wacom tablets that were fixed or what but the problem is still there. I did find out that if i click on the area of my tablet were the task bar is, my courser move back to the appropriate place that it is suppose to be on my screen. Then if i try to draw it make the line i want but then it shifts back to the bottom left so i have to keep repeating this over and over and it is very time consuming

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              Did you find a way to fix it?