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    I am planning on buying Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 5 ASAP but had a few questions before doing so.


      Any help would be appreciated, as I could not find anywhere to contact the company to ask questions regarding Lightroom.

      1. All of my photos (jpeg files) are on my computer hard drive and an external hard drive. Can they be easily imported into Lightroom?

      2. A. After they are imported, do the photos remain in the original location as well (external hard drive/ hard drive)? B. If so, do they therefore take up twice the space on my PC?

      3. Can I import jpeg images directly from my camera (or only raw files?)

      4. I am planning on upgrading to an Mac computer in the near future. Can I take carry over the editing, rating, sorting of photos, etc. that I have done in Lightroom on my windows PC to the Mac computer when I get it or will I have to redo everything?

      5. Can I open images from Lightroom in Photoshop Elements?

      6. I can purchase Adobe Lightroom 5 without buying the Creative Cloud subscription, correct?


      Again, I would appreciate some answers ASAP because I have photos that I need to sort for my work and cannot do so until I buy Lightroom or another software if necessary. Also, if there is a faster/better way to get questions answered please let me know (I'm new to Adobe.) Thanks!!!