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    Window and palette positions

    ColbyFulton Level 1

      Even after all these CC updates, Photoshop still can't figure out where to open a window (they often appear slightly off screen or with their tops behind other palette windows) and the saved window layouts are all messed up. I use the SAME MONITOR setup everyday, and every time Photoshop comes back up the windows have moved. It's beyond stupid. A two monitor setup is not that hard to adjust to. When I plug my second monitor back in, Photoshop should know where to place the palettes. Maybe you should hire some quality assurance people to test your software. Just a thought.

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          Shamer Level 1

          Yes - absolutely infuriating.  Sometimes changing display resolution fixes window positions, but more often then not it doesn't.  Drives me bananas and find myself wasting more time on trying to fix my layouts than anything else every time I hook up to my home display...


          CC really, and I mean really, needs to be able to adapt to those of us who sometimes are working just off the laptop display when we are off-site or at a client's but plug into our main set-up when we get home! 

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            gener7 Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            Usually if the panels are moved, I go to Window menu > Workspace > Reset <workspace name>.


            If the application window is oversized when I move from the big display to the laptop display, I click on the green resize button or toggle Window > Application Frame.


            Not the permanent fix you want, but hope it helps.


            These are basically user help forums so you should try Photoshop Family Customer Community to report this problem.