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    Printing problem with Photoshop CS 6 extended and HP printer


      Hi all, long time browser, first time poster.


      This is a weird issue, it should be noted from the first that I only have weird computer issues. I work at a technical High School where we have the whole Adobe CS6 Extended suite installed. We are running it under a fully patched version of Windows 7 and all the CS6 updates have been applied on 25 machines that all have the same issue. The problem is that when the students go to print to our HP Color Laser jet CP6015DN, the job can been seen loading into the queue, it races up to about 45MB, then sort of strolls to load the rest of the document, usually about 59 to 75 MB's in size. Then I watch the message go to processing, the front panel of the printer says processing, then the print job disappears from the printer queue and the printer and there is no print out. I printed out the usage job log and it shows none of the failed attempts to print and I check the event log page which does not show the errors either.


      Looks like a bad printer driver, right? So I download the new HP Universal printer driver, I normally do not do the Universal driver route as so many of my older printers have problems with it, but the CP6015DN seems to have trouble accessing the extended tray 5 with the specific drivers, but I have the same printing issue with the new Universal driver and the PS driver. So I wander through the HP manual and it suggests using profiles to print to the printer and move the color handling from Printer Manages Colors to Photoshop manages colors and I track down the ICC profiles for the printer on the HP site as the link in the book is dead, so try the CP6015srgb_d50.icc, CP6015_cmyk_d50.icc and CP6015.icc, I try all of these profiles with the newest PS printer driver and the same error, goes to the printer and into the bit bucket. Still no printout or error message.


      Strange thing is that if I do a test print, it prints fine, if I open a tif file in Photoshop, it prints fine, now the teacher says if they print to the Xeorx 7760 in the next room, it also prints out fine. It should be noted that we had so many issues with configuring the Xerox and adjusting controls it was the reason we purchased a HP proofing printer in the first place. But the next door lab is all Apple, which doesn't seem to have this issue. So I open the test document and save it as a PDF file instead the native Photoshop format, and it prints fine, which from what I've been reading on the internet may be the preferred way of printing proofs, I don't know, I've never really used Photoshop, but the teacher says this isn't an acceptable fix and the students should be expected to manage a number of revisions saved to PDF format, me I just go up a number at the end of the file name for every correction when editing documents.


      Any suggestions you have would be appreciated.



      Windows 7 X64

      Photoshop version 13.0.1 x64

      HP Color Laserjet CP6015 DN model number Q3932A

      Dell Optiplex 980 i5-650,  3.2Ghz, 8 GB RAM.