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    JavaScript easing not working




      I made my website a few months back and all was good, but I've come back to update some bits and lots of things just don't work anymore.


      I have a button that makes a container slide in from below and this is a snippet of the code I used:



      if (sym.getComposition().getStage().getPosition() == 1000 )  {

           $("#Stage_Overlay01").animate({ top:'5px'}, 750, 'easeOutQuint' );





      Now for some reason the button just doesn't work anymore, no container slides in when clicked. If I remove 'easeOutQuint' the button works again but obviously without easing. I cant find anything on the forums on this problem, what has changed from before? What am I doing wrong?


      Here's my website for reference - www.nick-plummer.co.uk


      Thanks in advance,