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    loading a movie clip loses my script function

    Opera Rat Level 1
      I have an art gallery that is in three parts. The Flash movie used to load everything before opening, but the gallery has grown too large. So now I've divided it up into three sections. The first section loads the first set of pics with the movie. The second and third sections load when you click on the relevant buttons. The interface (root movie) has 2 movie clips per section - the thumbnails (all three of which load with the movie) and the large pics of the thumbnails. So when you click on a thumbnail the proper large work shows in the other movie clip. This all worked fine using this code in my thumbnails for the largeWorks sections:


      large1_btn.onPress = function (){
      large2_btn.onPress = function (){
      This code is in the thumbnail movie script. Notice it calls _root.largeWorks_mc

      Now when you click on See Large Works button a place holder movie clip (target) called largeWorksE_mc is replaced with largeWorks_mc.

      The button uses the code:

      But now when I click on the thumbnails nothing happens. My thumbnail movie clip is no longer communicating with the loaded movie clip. What have I done wrong?