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    October update lost 3D intersecting and Casts shadows

    Paul Tait Roberts Level 1


      I updated AE today (and a current AE project I'm working in) and after a while of working with some 3D layers, they lost the ability to intersect and also to cast shadows. I've tried some test compositions, and layers intersect and cast shadows for a while. I've even started over with actual compositions I'm working on, and intersecting and shadows occur for a while, but then they stop working. Any ideas?

      Mac OS X 10.9.5 Intel Xeon E5

      (By the way, apologies to the person in the AE team I was chatting with--I accidentally hit command Q instead of command W to close a window.)


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          Todd_Kopriva Level 8

          Please submit a bug report here:



          If you want folks to help you to troubleshoot on this forum, it would help for you to upload a project that shows the problem to a file-sharing service and post the link here.

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            Dave LaRonde Level 6

            Oh, dear, another victim of updating software in the middle of a project.   It is an exremely unwise thing to do, and an extremely good thing to avoid.

            My advice is to revert back to the pre-October version, complete the project, and do the update between projects.  That way , there are no ugly surprises with a deadline looming.


            How do you revert to the Pre-October version?  The Good Mr. Kopriva himself writes,

            "The easiest thing to do is to uninstall After Effects CC 2014.1 and reinstall After Effect CC 2014 through the Creative Cloud desktop application. To prevent the update from version 13.0 to version 13.1, you click the button to cancel the process once the Creative Cloud desktop application shows "Updating After Effects...", which happens around the 90% mark in the overall progress."