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    Unable to quit Creative Cloud or download Apps (Mac)


      Hi all,


      I have downloaded and installed Creative Cloud (version on my Apple iMac (running OS X version 10.8.5). I have paid for the Adobe Illustrator single app, but when going to the "Apps" tab on the Creative Cloud application, all I see is a spinning blue wheel. Nothing ever loads. I also cannot quit the Creative Cloud application ("Quit Creative Cloud" is greyed out on the menu). I have tried uninstalling Creative Cloud, but I receive an error message telling me that I have to quit Creative Cloud. At this point the Creative Cloud icon in the top menu bar disappears and I cannot restart Creative Cloud without restarting the computer.


      This is all very frustrating, since I've paid up front for Illustrator. I appear to be correct signed in to Creative Cloud on the desktop application and can also sign in online without any problems.


      Has anyone run into similar issues? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.