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    How can I change the font color on a pageItem?



      This is probably an easy one...


      I'm looking to change the font color of a pageItem to black, if it's value exceeds a specific value.


      I'm reading the value of the item from an xml file ::

      var avgScore = (xmlImport.average.delivery);



      And then assigning the value to the pageItem which is a text layer called "delivery_score"::

      tempLayers.getByName("average_bar").pageItems["delivery_score"].contents = avgScore;


      What I would love to do is change the font color to black...  I'm not clear how to do this...

      I'm not having any luck with text range.

      tempLayers.getByName("average_bar").pageItems["delivery_score"].textRange.fillColor =


      Any advise?