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    The importer reported a generic error.


      I am using PP 13 and I get the following error message,  "The importer reported a generic error." when I attempt to open a WMV.  Please. please provide an answer.


      Thank you.



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          A.T. Romano Level 7



          What computer operating system is your Premiere Elements running on?


          What is the origin and properties of this .wmv file that you want to open in Premiere Elements 13? What is your Add Media choice?


          Is this error message restricted to this one wmv file, all wmv files, and/or everything that you try to import into the project?


          Does the problem exist if you open a new project?


          Let us start here. We will be watching for your reply in the morning.


          Thank you.



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            I'm getting the same error with premiere pro cc


            The import file is a psd. Same message for all psd's -- can't import any.


            All apps are up to date.


            Same with all projects new or existing.


            Windows v.7 -- up to date



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              A.T. Romano Level 7



              If your program is Premiere Pro CC, please post your question in the Adobe Premiere Pro Forum. Somehow you have posted in the Adobe Premiere Elements Forum.

              Premiere Pro CC


              I do not work with Premiere Pro otherwise I would work with you on this.

              And, you are having problems apparently with a still with .psd format; whereas, the originator of this thread is using Premiere Elements and having problems with wmv video files.


              In Premiere Elements the color profile of the still image can be a factor for this type of message. Premiere Elements does not support the CMYK.


              The people in the Premiere Pro CC Forum should be able to help you. But, give them lots of details.


              Best wishes



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                GoldenBoyNY Level 1

                Found a quick solution to this:

                "The importer reported a generic error"


                I just experienced the same issue; opened my project and an entire folder was missing. Tried relinking and nothing. Tried deleting all files and re-importing and nothing.

                So then I thought of an old trick I learned from Apple based applications; DELETE THE "PLIST" FILE!!!


                1. Quit any Adobe application
                2. Go to your Mac's Library folder
                3. Go into Preferences
                4. Find the PLIST file that belongs to the software your having issues with, in this case, find file named: com.adobe.headlights.apip.plist
                5. Delete this file and Empty trash.
                6. Reopen Premiere and re-import your media.

                This worked for me in no time. And I hope that it works for anyone experiencing this issue.


                Golden Boy.

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                  A.T. Romano Level 7



                  Are you also a Premiere Pro or Photoshop user rather than a Premiere Elements user in this?

                  All these posts are appearing in the Premiere Elements Forum, not the Adobe Premiere Pro Forum or Adobe Photoshop Forum.


                  A moderator should be along shortly to move this thread from here to one of those forums where the Premiere Pro and Photoshop

                  users can take better advantage of your contribution.



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                    John T Smith Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                    The OP (Original Person) wrote PP 13 which does not exist, but which MAY mean Premiere Elements 13


                    That OP has not come back with more information... and, in fact, has not posted again since the start of this message thread


                    The other people who have posted here seem to be talking about other programs


                    Discussion locked