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    CS2 / Windows 7


      I purchased a copy of Adobe Creative Suite 2 Premium - Education in 2005 for just under $500.  I used it for several years, and even got it to work with a newer Windows 7 machine.  However, I got another new Windows 7 machine a few months ago and can't seem to install the InDesign portion of the Suite.  Photoshop installed and works fine, but I just can't get anything to work to install InDesign.  I get incorrect serial number messages or missing personalization messages when trying to install the files I downloaded a few years ago.  My old discs and serial number don't work, and the downloaded files and those serial numbers don't work.  Adobe seems fine in saying they no longer support this older version, but I just know someone out there has a solution to my problem.  I am unwilling to accept a $500 boat anchor--there must be some way to install it!  Please help!