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    please help! i need to make multiple custom shaped frames for different videos in one scene and cant work out how!

    custom frames

      hi there!

      im really stuck on this and cant work it out i hope you guys can help! i have been trying to make a single shot or scene whatever you want to call it with multiple videos playing all at the same time in it but i want them all to have their own custom shape. i know that i can just put them together into one frame and play them at once but they are all the original rectangle shape they where filmed in and i could put a mask over each one to make it a circle but i want to make each one a custom shape for example if you where to make a face out of 4 videos and one was the shape of the main part of the face one was the eyes one for the hair and one for the mouth now i would have to make the shape of each video the right shape for the corresponding body part then place them on top of each other and then i would have a face made from looping videos. i cannot work out how to make the frames of each video a custom shape after searching tutorials please can someone help me with this it would be greatly appreciated as it is a collage project. thanks very much for your time in the matter Josh.