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    Search for rubi

    NIRC Level 1

      How can I search for rubi to make a global change of the size?

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          Ellis home Level 4

          Can you give more details. What version of Indesign are you using? How did you create rubi?

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            NIRC Level 1

            I use the Japanese version of CS6 to create true rubi, but they also display properly in the English-language version.

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              Willi Adelberger Most Valuable Participant

              You can install your Japanese version above any other language version (except ME versions) as it will add plugins and will add menu items in the other language too.

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                NIRC Level 1

                I really don't need to do that. The Japanese version is rather iffy for typesetting in Roman letters. But if I could search for rubi in EITHER of them, I'd be happy. There is no way to do it in Japanese either, as least as far as I have been able to figure out.

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                  rob day Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                  Try asking over in the scripting forum. All of the ruby properties are available in any of the text objects—text, paragraph, word, etc.—so it should be easy to script. Something like this AppleScript:



                  --the search and replace font sizes

                  set myRubySize to 12

                  set myRubySizeChange to 10


                  tell application "Adobe InDesign CS6"


                      --all of the document text

                      set w to object reference of every word of every story of active document

                      repeat with x in w

                          set f to ruby flag of x

                          if f then


                                  if ruby font size of x is equal to myRubySize then

                                      set ruby font size to myRubySizeChange

                                  end if

                              end try

                          end if

                      end repeat

                  end tell

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                    NIRC Level 1

                    Thanks for all the trouble, but I have never tried scripting and in any case do not want to change ALL the rubi but only certain ones. I am surprised that there is not a search and replace, or at least a search function for rubi in Japanese or English inDesign.

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                      Ellis home Level 4

                      I'm guessing they don't have their own paragraph style you can search for?

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                        NIRC Level 1

                        Rubi are a character attribute, like a footnote number except that they are set over a group of Chinese characters to indicate their pronunciation.

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                          Ellis home Level 4

                          I'm aware of what rubi are. But I haven't had a chance to work with them on a document. I tested them with Japanese copy/pasting from Word and I can actually select them and assign a paragraph style. That's why I asked.