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    Print Error?

    creativejoan0425 Level 1

      I open a file and I print the file, after print, the top left corner show * (which mean have been modified) sign, but when I export the file to pdf, it will not show the * sign, is it cs6 bug?

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          Larry G. Schneider Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Has the file ever been printed before? If it hasn't or if it has and you change something in the print dialog, then there is new info added to the file about the printer and settings used which requires a save. If you are exporting to a PDF and have done it before and change nothing in the Export dialog, then there are no changes and nothing to save.

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            creativejoan0425 Level 1

            The file was printed before, and I use before setting to printed, nothing have been changed, but still have modified sign, and I try if I put in a booklet to print, will not show modified sign