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    can't find serial number for LR 5


      I purchased a hard copy of Lightroom (LR) 4 in April 2012. When LR 5 became available I purchased the upgrade on-line from Adobe, downloaded and installed it. I think I received a confirmation email from Adobe which included the serial number or activation code for the new LR 5. LR 5 has been working perfectly from that date. My OS required a fresh install this week and I began re-installing software from a Time Machine backup including my LR 4 and LR 5 applications. When I open LR 5 it asks me for the serial number. Unfortunately, the serial number is in an email which I cannot locate since re-installing the OS.

      I have looked at the “My products and services” page under my Adobe account, but only info about LR  4 appears in the list. Is it possible for Adobe to re-send the activation email for LR 5 or the associated serial number?