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    Update to 5.6 - No photos found in some directories


      I use Windows 7 and recently updated to lightroom 5.6.  Prior to this my lightroom was working perfectly.

      Now that I have upgraded I am missing about 70% of the photos in my catalogue.  When I go to import them again there is a message saying "No photos found" where the thumbnails should be. 


      Sometimes the missing photos are in subdirectories where all the other directories are showing their photos.  (eg photo's from a trip - each day has it's own subdirectory and some days are not showing photos.  The subdirectory is showing, but I get the message "No photo found" where the thumbnails should be.  Other directories are showing all their photos).

      Sometimes lightroom will show some of the photos in the directory (or subdirectory) but not all. 

      It does not matter if they are in CR2 or jpeg format

      it does not matter if there are .xmp files with them or not


      I have uninstalled and reinstalled lightroom twice.  I seem to have the problem with the same photos /directories,/subdirectories.

      I have restored all my presets (Edit -> preferences -> presets)

      I do not have any filters on

      All the photo files DO EXIST. I  can see them in other programs (eg photoshop and windows explorer).


      In one attempt I have created a new directory and copied half of the files into it.  They will then show up when doing an import, but the other half will not.  When I move more across the ones in the new directory will not show up but the ones in the old directory will show up.  If I try to isolate a file that is causing the problem doing this I cannot.  All files show up at some point.  At one point I even had all the photos showing up in two separate directories but that was only temporarily.  In short - I am sure it is nothing to do with an individual file or directory.


      I have posted the problem on here (twice) but nobody has been able to help


      I cannot figure out how to speak to anyone at Adobe who may be able to help so I post again here in the hope that someone may be able to help.


      The only thing that I can think of is that I store all my photos on a NAS (A remote server) which is remote from the PC I am working on.  It speaks to the NAS via Wi-Fi on the same network.  It is stable and pretty quick but I can only think that somewhere lightroom is not coping where every other program is when talking to the NAS.


      Any ideas please on how to fix my problem or on how to actually get in contact with an adobe person to help.  As I said, everything was working fine before I "upgraded" to 5.6.


      Thank you

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          As an update to this I had the idea of loading a trial version of Lightroom onto my Home Theatre PC which is directly attached to the NAS via a thunderbolt cable.  I then attempted an import and ALL the photos showed up in all the directories (At least I am pretty sure they are all there)  So it looks like something to do with using lightroom referring to a NAS over Wi Fi.  Does anyone have any idea why this would be a problem given that every other program I use has no problem at all using my current set up.

          Attaching the NAS directly to the PC I am using lightroom on is not an option.