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    Can I continue to use Ideas until Draw gets needed updates?

    jackjohnbrown Level 1

      Draw has a great list of new features that got me really excited to try it out. But a few key differences between Illustrator Draw and Adobe Ideas—specifically, features that got dropped—means it's unlikely I can really switch right now, given my current workflow. Here are a few of the features I've come to rely on in Ideas that are not included in Illustrator Draw:


      -Export as vector pdf. I honestly can't believe this one isn't included. Essentially, this means that anyone who isn't paying the monthly fee for a Creative Cloud subscription cannot use Draw in conjunction with Illustrator on the desktop. While Ideas could at least email a vector pdf, Draw offers jpg (jpg!) only, or a png to Creative Cloud storage, which pretty much defeats the purpose of the app for users on even slightly older versions of Illustrator.


      -Wacom stylus support isn't working, despite what the FAQ says. (A recent post here suggests this will be fixed in an update.) Giving up pressure-sensitivity is a deal breaker.


      -No portrait mode. This isn't the end of the world, but as someone who does a lot of portrait work, having my toolbars adjust to my orientation is a great help when working. (Also said to be coming in an update.)


      -No color picker. Near-essential for working from a source photo. Having to return to the color palette/history each time is a huge time drain.


      And while I'm here, I'll beg for one other feature I'd love to see: support for background transparency is something I always wished for in Ideas but never got. Would be a great help for anyone making logos or other graphics that are laid over other content.


      What I'm wondering about for now is the fate of Adobe Ideas—can I continue to use it while waiting for Illustrator Draw to be updated, or will it no longer be able to sync/export? And when Draw is updated, will I be able to get my Ideas drawings imported into the updated app? (I've already done the "one-time fetch" of my Ideas files.) Hope all that doesn't sound like too much complaining; I'm really excited about the direction the app is taking!