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    Moving from PC to Mac

    Junco Joe

      I have been using Adobe Lightroom for several years on a pc and now want to move to a Mac.  My files (65k+, 600GB) are now stored on an EXTERNAL hard drive.  I'm currently using Lightroom 4.4 but want to upgrade to Lightroom 5.?.  If it is available I feel I should purchase a software disc just in case something goes wrong.  So I have a few questions associated with this operation...


      First and foremost, will my 4.4 Library and photo files be compatible with the Mac?


      Assuming that there is not a problem in that respect, here is what I suppose I should do...


      Purchase an upgrade from Adobe and load it on the Mac.  I had wanted to do this at the Apple Store since I have been promised help if I need it.  However I don't have a disc for Lightroom (it was purchased over the internet) and Lightroom won't be installed on the new Apple computer.  So how do I get around the upgrade issue?  (I can't find a contact for SALES on the help site!) 


      Once the software is on the Mac, the external hard drive with image files attached to the Mac and the Lightroom Library transferred to the Mac "as is" (ie, no conversion?), will I be set to access the photos that were formerly stored on my PC? 


      If there are other issues with such a conversion I would appreciate knowing about them and would appreciate a phone number where I can speak with someone in sales.   Junco Joe