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    Getting Video not available message

      Hello all,

      I have created a projector that uses a combination of flash files and AVI files. The AVI files are linked correctly to an external folder and everything works fine, at least on a Windows XP PC.

      On a Windows 98 or Windows 2000 PC, the AVI files won't play within the projector, yet when you run the AVI files in WMP (even as low was WMP 6.4), the AVIs play fine.

      For a test, I turned on DTS for one of my AVI files and I got the following message: "Video not available, cannot find 'vids:MPG4' decompressor".

      I searched the web and found an older mpge4 codec, so I installed it on a Windows 2000 PC. Low and behold, the projector ran the AVIs. I restart the computer and when the projector runs, no AVIs. It's like the codec was installed temporarilly. :(

      What could be causing the Director projector to not want to run the AVIs on a Windows PC, yet run on a Windows XP PC? I updated the DirectX to 9 and WMP to 9 on the 2000 machine, and even installed the latest flash and shockwave components, yet without that older codec, the AVIs won't play in the projector.

      I'm using the AVIs because the files turn out smaller then the flash and I know the code set. I was told WMVs go back to the first frame when their finished, which won't work for our program. Quicktime was another option, but the client needs to install quicktime, and we didn't want to install other players. The AVI's work the way we need them to, except for the issue of not playing on older machines.

      Please help,
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          Same answer, I'm afraid: use the MPEG Advance xtra
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            Where the projector is concerned, AVIs are not actually using WMP to run the file ... it actually uses the older Mplayer32 application which is also found on all Windows systems.

            MPlayer32 does not natively support MPG4 and so if you just installed the codec it was likely introduced for a temporary period, but upon restart the system only loads the basic codecs for Mplayer32.

            This is why a typical video project usually uses QT media or Flash media for videos, since many of the older codecs supported by MPlayer are not very "size friendly". In some cases they are also "quality" challenged.

            QT media requires the user to have QT installed, but you can always include the installer on the CD for free, and many people have it already.

            Another third party alternative is Real media, and there is an xtra in Director that will handle the files ... but again this requires Real player to be installed on the user's machine. You can, once again, include the installer on the CD ... but fewer people have it installed compared to QT.

            The MPeg Advanced Xtra may be a way to go, since it will actually interact with the WMP engine, rather than the older MPlayer32 engine.

            On the XP+ machines, I believe the older MPlayer32 app is actually cross-wired into the new WMP so it will allow b/c for some apps that use it still, which is why it works on the XP machine, but that will not happen on the earlier Win OS's

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              If I'm going to use Quicktime Files, how should I encode them? In other words, I'm using Premiere. Which codecs or settings should I use? The files need to be small, but look and sound good. And the files are being installed.