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    InDesign suddenly stopped supporting properties or methods


      So I feel a bit silly having to ask this, but it seems that overnight (that is, between shutting down and turning on my work system), InDesign has abruptly stopped some properties or methods. Had I previously written a functioning script using, amongst others, styleExportTagMaps.add and epubExportPreferences, they now return the standard "object doesn't support the property or method' error. I'm running InDesign 5.5 with the 7.5 Object Model.

      Some example usage:


      myPGS_CH.styleExportTagMaps.add({exportType: "EPUB", exportTag: "h1", exportClass: "h1", exportAttributes: ""});



      myDocument.epubExportPreferences.includeDocumentMetadata = true;


      Any directions as to what might have changed?


      Thanks in advance,