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    Mac 10.7.5 Installation Errors

    Pyro the Dragon

      Macbook Pro OSX 10.7.5

      Trying to install Adobe Flash 15

      No flash at the moment since I tried a clean install.

      Firefox 32.0.3

      I have repeatedly had issues on my Mac since its purchase in 2011 with installing Flash, to the point that I disabled automatic updates within a few months of purchasing my mac. Quite literally every time that I must update flash I end up spending hours jumping through hoops (read: attempting clean installs for a few days) to try get the newest flash; most of the time I just end up reverting to an older version that definitely works already, which is Version 14 at this point in time (I have had an older 14 for a while, ignoring the prompts to update to new 14 and then 15 because I knew something like this would happen again, for the nth time in a row, but old 14 started to have audio issues and I tried to update to 15, to no avail). Every installation, with the online or offline installer, ends up in 'general installation error' messages, even with clean install attempts multiple times in a row. It even takes some time just to get older versions installed, despite the fact that they worked before I de-installed them to get to the new version. I don't entirely understand what the FlashPlayerInstallManager.log is saying, but perhaps there's something in there that must point to what the issue is. I am hoping that there is some small thing that has been plaguing my Mac since its purchase that can be fixed so that I never have to deal with this incredibly frustrating issue ever again, but I suspect that somehow my Mac OSX is being overlooked every single time there is an update instead, which is really irritating. If one would like to look at the .log, I would be happy to send it, if that could possibly help in any manner.