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    Embedded swf within a swf- how to call a specific frame label?

      I've adopted a web site that's built in flash in a manner I'm not too familiar with. I'm hoping someone can shed some light for me.

      The site comprises a main .swf shell, and the various navigational links point to embedded .swf files that sit on top of the general frame or shell. I have revamped a page that has its own subnavigation that points to frame labels in that embedded swf, and if you load the embedded swf by itself, it functions appropriately. However, when you call for it from within the shell .swf, the links are dead. Can someone help me fix this? You can see the site here:


      and the standalone embedded swf is located here:

      http://www.depazrhum.com/apr_test/recipes.swf (so you can see how the nav is supposed to function).

      I currently have this actionscript calling the frame labels from the buttons:

      on (release) {
      Any help is tremendously appreciated!