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    Can't download

      I can't get my Adobe ID and password to work in Kuler. Can someone tell me why?
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          Sami@Adobe Adobe Employee
          Hi, is your Adobe ID an older one that does not use an email address as the Adobe ID? That has caused some problems before. Please specify,are you able to sign in, comment or save? Or you can't even sign in? Send me a private message with your Adobe ID and we'll look into it.
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            If you change your e-mail address in your Adobe Account and the first part of your address has changed (as can happen if your ISP has been taken-over by a different company); you will no longer be able to access your Registrations.

            That has happened to me so i just changed my listed e-mail address back to the old one (which is no longer actually functional!) and now i can download and Save palettes to "My Kuler".

            For example if my e-mail address used to be "photographer@suscom.net" (and no it wasn't exactly that!); and Comcast have changed it to "photographer1@comcast.net".

            When I tried to log in using "photographer1@comcast.net", the Macromedia Sites just generated an error message saying that this is an unrecognized address so I just changed my registered e-mail address back to the old "photographer@suscom.net" and now everything works properly again.

            The problem appears to lie with the Macromedia Forums part of Adobe and not with the Kuler web site as such.