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    Import on Lightroom 5 is missing my JPG files




      I have tried and tried to get Lightroom 5 (version 5.6) to see - but importantly - record all my JPG files, but it staunchly refuses to show them in the Library.

      Why is this please?


      I take CR2 (RAW) files with my Canon cameras (450D, 550D, 7D and 5D Mark3), and before I used LR, I used Canon's own Digital Photo Professional software to deal with my images.

      I've now got a free copy of Adobe Lightroom5 with my Canon 5D Mark3, so I thought I'd start to use it instead.


      Over the many years of shooting, I have tended to retain the CR2 files in a folder of meaningful name, and then I've created a JPG file of a lower resolution (typically 800px along the longest edge) alongside the CR2 of the same name.

      For example, here's how my folder structure works for me:

      My folder structure.PNG

      However, when I Import my Pictures folder into LR, all I get are the CR2 files, and their sister JPG files are absent.

      My folder structure in Lightroom.PNG

      Why is this please? Help... me... please...


      Thanks for your time.